Dirrick brings with him a unique, effective approach to improve the lives around him through a variety of techniques and inspiration. He has a brain that sparkles wisdom with persistence. In Chapter 8, page 90 of his book "Principle Living", Dirrick brings into focus the Universal Law of cause and effect. He states, "All things are spiritual before they are physical". This essentially reminds readers how fundamental the spiritual core is linked to our happiness and success in life. We make spiritual causes to manifest the desired outcomes that we seek for ourselves as well as others. Discovering our power through spirituality then becomes a tool to transform our destiny!

Rest assured he always delivers.

Charlene M. 

Dirrick Williams is a man of principle. He has a keen ear for listening and will tell you the truth instead of telling you what you want to hear. He is sincere and compassionate. Whether you are going to work with him formally or informally, Dirrick will not let you down!

Christopher Thompson

The Biz Broker

Dirrick is a great member of a church team. He has a lively mind, great sense of humor, and has many leading-edge ideas.  In addition to his strong suits in the religious arena, he is outstanding at those sorts of outreach and business development skills that are vital in program development and marketing.

Richard Snyder, MBA, Ph.D.

Dirrick is a strong and capable individual whose sense of ethics and integrity is beyond reproach. The work that he does, understanding what it takes to grow, including service and commitment to the world to make it a better place. I am honored to be able to recommend Dirrick Williams.

Perri McCary
Founder at Think Peace International inc.

I have known Dirrick Williams as a colleague in the areas of personal development and counseling.  His writing and book, "Principle Living",  were essential in helping my psychotherapy clients to recover from their losses and despair. His teachings about spiritual  "relationship"  provide a forum for modern spiritual and religious quest. Consultation with Dirrick regarding clients in crisis about their relationships, both personal and spiritual, proved rich and immensely helpful.

Susannah Feder, Psy.D
Pleasanton, CA

I have known Dirrick Williams to be a man of the highest integrity and moral fortitude.  He is a man of extreme compassion and has focused his life on helping others to grow as human beings and make sense out of their lives.

Tom North


"True North: The Shocking truth about Yours, Mine, and Ours"

From the first time I met Dirrick, I found him to be an extremely powerful speaker. His knowledge in many areas allows him to understand others and connect on a personal level. Dirrick, is hard working and willing to do whatever is necessary to help others succeed. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Shahin Enayati

As a young adult male still learning about the ways of the world and how to navigate and balance life's obstacles, Dirrick's philosophy to life and building strong interpersonal relationships has helped me find a sense of purpose and maintain a positive, healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. If you need help in areas of personal growth and development, Dirrick can definitely help you achieve your goal!

Andreas Boykin

I have worked for the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District for 24 years as an educator and administrator for the Community Day High and Middle School.. Dirrick Williams has visited my classrooms a few times over the past four or five years as a teacher and motivational speaker. On each occasion, Mr. Williams has related to my students with understanding and meaning, by connecting classroom learning with everyday life. The students remain excited regarding the topics discussed and guidance towards academic improvement. The feedback I received has been positive, the students of both schools have expressed their gratitude for his coming to their class and helping them become better students and better people. My students believe Dirrick has inspired them to make good choices, and to move forward with a positive outlook on life.

Darryl McDowell
Educator / Administrator

I have known Dirrick personally and professionally. Dirrick has always been a very driven person who likes to think outside of the box. He is gifted in so many areas.
I have talked with Dirrick about Principle Living. I have had the opportunity to read a few chapters and I am looking forward to when the book is released. I know that the principles contained in the book can help many people in different areas of their lives.

Ernie Morales
Youth Director

I feel so alive and I want the people I serve to feel the same way, or it’s not worth it. So yes, my tag line will be, “An out of body experience at first bite.” I feel my skills are that good and now only expect excellence from myself. IN the past I have never pushed myself, I’ve always expected other to do things for me. Now it’s about pushing to and beyond the edge of success. If I want it, I have to take it! I feel as if I have been reborn, wanting and doing whatever it takes to come out on top. You’ve showed me how to open my eyes and not be afraid, thank you for that!

Funny how things come together when you apply yourself, and how we have always known this but simply do not do it.

Bobby Brown
CraveRum Rumcakes