Frequently Asked Questions


What are the principles in Principle Living?  Why are they important?
There are a number of Principles in “Principle Living.” Most of them are used by you and I every day, and in most cases, we are unaware of how we are using them. Separated into three categories: Sovereign, Primary, and Evidential: the issue isn’t only using Principles, but also understanding the relationship between them. Sovereign principles are things like Hope, Faith, Sowing and Reaping. Primary principles are things like meditation, prayer, and forgiveness. Sustaining Principles are things like happiness, peace, and joy. The first category we have no choice in using and understanding why changes our lives. In the next category, we have full choice regarding depth and frequency of use. One change here could change generations of lives. In the third area, happiness, peace, and joy are perhaps the most misleading. They are not things we have to pursue; we already have an overly abundant supply within us. As spiritual beings, they are gifts which we possess, yet systematically forfeit through misuse and misunderstanding of Sovereign and Primary principles.

Why are they important?
Principles are spiritual statutes and processes provided to sustain life and quality of life. We have no choice in using Sovereign Principles, and we have full choice in using Primary Principles, but do we truly understand the power of our choosing? Understanding these statutes and processes gives the ability to make better choices and live better lives. Beyond the hype of motivation, and before emotional intelligence there is spiritual cognizance. Principle Living is a course of study to better understand principles and how we practice them for a better life.

What can I hope to gain from using these principles?
Here are just a few things you will gain from “Principle Living.” You will achieve greater self-awareness, stronger and more intimate relationships, a greater sense of purpose, enhanced spiritual life, stronger communications skills, and heightened personal freedom and expression

How long is the program?
Introductory classes range from 2 to 4 hours. Workshops by arrangement may be all day, several days or weekends (Principle Living is a wonderful course for retreats). The complete course/training is offered in 6 or 12-week format. Without compromising the integrity of the course, a customized schedule can be achieved to fit your needs and time constraints.

What types of programs are available for my family?

Our leading motto is, “All things happen in relationship.” There is no better place for our course than the nucleus of family. Principle Living is core information suitable for husbands, wives, children as individuals and as a unit. For young adults, visit our page "Your Voice Matters "

Does this program help with marriages that are in trouble?

Yes. The first part of Principle Living is dedicated to relationship. Where there are two or more people you should expect greater results. And when two people focused on specific goals and are accountable to doing the work amazing things can happen.

What if I want to participate, but my spouse doesn't want to?  How can this help our relationship?
Taking my course to better your marriage is a good thing. Taking the course to be a better person in your marriage is a better thing. I am aware this question comes from a very sensitive space so I will answer by saying, call me. Let’s talk about the current situation and make a decision that will serve both parties well.

How much does it cost?
Fees are based on a sliding scale. Workshops and speaking events have a number of negotiating points, their cost will vary. There is no charge for discovery and consultation sessions. If you would like to know more, please call or email using the information on the contact page. Let’s discuss needs and expectations, and talk about possibilities.

Do your programs come with individual coaching?

Yes. As a relationship strategist and certified life coach, my programs are scaleable to meet the needs of the individual as well group sessions.