Those who know me say I have never met a stranger. All of my life, even as a child I asked deep and personal questions of friends, family, and strangers.  As an adult this  wanting to get to the root of things turned out to be a good thing. I am a person who is genuinely concerned about the thoughts, emotions, and spiritual well-fare of other people. Regardless of who you are, where you come from, what you look like, or where you’re going, The bottom line is I am a people person, and I care.

Because I care, over the years I have studied and tested many theories, programs, thoughts, and beliefs. I have reviewed a multitude of motivational guru's and studied and learned from theologians from around the world, both historical and contemporary. From  my efforts, what I have come to realize is, when it comes to living our own life dream, when it comes to living life on purpose, there is one common issue most people face today. When it comes to living our own life, most of us simply do not give our self permission, most of us do not live life by the power and conviction of our own choice.

For far too many people life is predetermined from childhood. Our choices have been programmed, conditioned, prescribed, and embedded by influences we did not have the authority or awareness to question. For most of us, “choice” was given rather than made.

Fearful of recoil brought on by questioning and challenging those early influences, many of us have accepted and  still tolerate unsolicited ideologies. In doing so we unknowingly give other people permission to define our boundaries, our inspirations, and the fortitude to establish right and wrong for our own selves. Sadly we have been separated from, and learned to neglect the process, development, and projection of “OWN” choice. In the course of these things tradition, rhetoric, dogma, and emotional manipulation supersede personal creativity and self-awareness, as they do we systematically surrender our true lives.

It reminds me of a story where a few of the leading philosophical and religious minds of our day set out to find the wealthiest place on earth. They considered natural resources, military might, financial stability, human potential, and contributions of all types. They searched for years, and at every turn they were dumbfounded, unable to calculate the wealth of one place over another.

At one point, one of the religious leaders had the misfortune of facilitating a funeral for a dear friend. While at the burial site he spoke of his friend with honor and respect, and in the process spoke of what could have been if he had lived a little longer. It was at that moment he declared the wealthiest place on earth to be the graveyard, the place where we lay so many to rest.

He thought if we could mine the unrealized thoughts, dreams, and potential of each person who died we could contribute immeasurable riches to every aspect of life.

So many people have taken to their grave what could have - or what should have been because they didn’t think they had a choice. My goal and purpose in life is that all persons know the full power of "Choice", and live by the authority and belief of their "OWN" choosing. No longer should any person compromise their identity, dreams, aspirations, intuition, or fold their ambition to mediocrity, guilt, shame, or manipulation.

The programs I have developed are not based on motivational hype, but inspirational truths. They do not support religious dogma, but bring about spiritual revelation. More than refined rhetoric, each course is evidence-based, relevant, and scalable. They are spiritual, practical, and sustainable courses of action that identify unique paths of power that draws each person towards empowered living.

Do the work, give yourself permission, and I guarantee your life with change. You will live a peaceful, powerful, and abundant life. If you would like to discover more about  the courses, use the information and methods found on my contact page.

Dirrick L. Williams, Sr.

Personal Growth And Development

Dirrick L. Williams

25 + years in business development, logistics, and operations.

Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministry Development

Certificate of Teaching & Communication

Licensed and ordained minister

Certified life Coach

Graduate of “Leadership Empowerment and Development" 

Published author, commissioned poet & songwriter

Respected public speaker

Newspaper Columnist

Host and producer, "Guys - Talk - Love" Radio talk-show

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Founder  and author of  Principle Living

Dirrick Williams, Sr.